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History of Best For Baby

Once I had discovered the cause of my son’s flat spot I tried to find the cure in South Africa. To my surprise I found that not only was Plagiocephaly not treated in South Africa but that very few doctors were interested in listening to a concerned parent and in general many

South African doctors, unlike many of their overseas counterparts, were ignorant of cause, cure or the progression of leaving Plagiocephaly untreated.

Through my tenacity and refusal to accept that it was not worthwhile treating Plagiocephaly, I looked for options to help my son.

At the time the technology was not available in South Africa and we had to travel to Germany to get a Plagio Helmet.

My son achieved cure in a few short months and now he is a perfect little boy with a future that will not be scarred by playground taunting.

Personally I have come in from the sea as a Super Yacht Captain entertaining Arab royalties and I have started my own company STRONGFELLOWS trading as BEST FOR BABYtm that is developing products that really are BEST FOR BABY.

I have built up a “cadre” of interested professionals and with their assistance the cure is now becoming more available in South Africa.