What is a Plagio Helmet

The most important head growth (12cm) takes place in the first year of life.

In the second year, head growth is only 2.5cm, so treatment after that time is unlikely to provide a satisfactory result. Best head growth is from around 3 to 6 months.

A helmet uses this growth to correct the deformity.helmet


Nearly everyone thinks of the helmet as a type of Forrest Gump contraption.

Something that squeezes the head back into shape. Far from this, pressure is the enemy of treatment.

The helmet works by resting gently on the high points and is hollowed out over the flat areas.

This encourages the low areas to catch up, when this happens then the cure is complete.

Duration of treatment is dependent on the age of baby.

The younger the baby is the better, as the baby is in the fastest growth curve. What can be treated in 2 months in a five month baby will take up to 5 months in a year old baby.

Research done in London showed that of a group of babies diagnosed with Plagio and left untreated, most of the group still had Plagio after 12 years.

Doc Band in America has had 55 000 success and 100% success with babies treated at the correct age.

Helmet therapy is in its infancy in South Africa and all the babies that followed treatment have been a success.


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